The "STOP BUSCOPAN" machine!!!!! Buscopan effect is replaced by heated CO2 relaxing the colon muscles

4 procedures:
- CT Colonography or Virtual Colonoscopy
- Optical Colonoscopy
- Intussusception reduction
- Virtual enteroclysis

Innovative Technology and worldwide innovations:
- Patented new heating system with constant temperature at the patient and adjustable 42.5-48.5°C.
- Multi purpose insufflator capable of 4 procedures.
- Touch panel.
- Faecal Tagging assist feature.
- Custom interface and graphical interface.
- Automatic decrease of the amount of liters when the machine releases the over pressure.
- The history all insufflations in memory.
- Insufflation of small intestine and colon (introduced in 2011 on VMX-1010A).
- User defined protocols.

Unmatched safety procedures:
- Multiple mechanical saftety valves limiting at 3,5 bar and 2,5 bars entrance pressure in the insufflator.
- Multiple mechanical safety valve releasing pressure at 150 mmHg and 65 mmHg operating without power.
- Multiple safety electrovalve, one for virtual colonoscopy and one for optical colonoscopy and intussusception.
- Special feature that assures a constant pressure and constant temperature of the CO2.
- The system offers fast, instantaneous and progressive release of over pressure through a proportional electronic valve and a second high release valve for high over-pressure (contractions or change of position of the patient).
- Administration sets with 2 hydrophobic, anti bacterial and anti virus properties to protect the machine even in case flowing of effluents reaching the first filter.
- Permanent automatic monitoring of the machine and of the calibration and warning messages sent to service support in case of deviation of a calibration or of a component performance: Machine will be have a preventive intervention before being out of order.
- For added safety, the VMX-1020A has a built in multiple pressure sensors with constant electronic monitoring.
- The VMX-1020A maintains history of all insufflations in memory.

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